Our Church

The Old Catholic Church in the Czech Republic is a particular church of the people of God which is a part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church founded on God’s work of salvation perfected in Jesus Christ which in the Holy Spirit faithfully rests on apostolic foundations, institutions and rite, practices the faith in the undivided Church of the first millennium and manages its affairs autonomously. The Old Catholic Church is a member of the Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches, and the bishops presiding over them. In the International Bishops Conference of the Union of Utrecht, the Old Catholic Church is represented by its bishop. The purpose of the Union of Utrecht is in particular to maintain the catholic character in the unity of the tradition of the faith, while the Old Catholic Church retains full autonomy in all administrative matters addressed by the provisions hereof. The Old Catholic Church strives to serve as a tool and a link in bringing together divided Christians, churches and other Christian church communities while being aware of the unity of the Church of Christ. The Old Catholic Church has an episcopal-synodal structure and is a local church within the meaning of the ancient church. The bishop exercises direct leadership of the Old Catholic Church, with the involvement of and joint decision-making by the people of God congregated in the Old Catholic Church.

Our Faith

Christians associated in the Old Catholic Church maintain the faith of the ancient Church as it was passed on by the apostles and witnesses of faith and as it was preserved in ecumenical creeds of faith and universally recognised dogmas and decisions of ecumenical councils of the undivided Church of the first millennium. The historical reason why catholic Christians, in their deep conscience crisis, were forced to establish an autonomous church organization, which reason continues to persist, was the impossibility to accept the teachings of the First Vatican Council (1870) on supremacy of the bishop of Rome and his infallibility in matters of faith and morals, as it is in conflict with the Holy Scripture, as well as the faith and teachings of the ancient Church. The Old Catholic Church further subscribes to the tradition of SS. Cyril and Methodius, the legacy of Magister Jan Hus, Magister Jan Rokycana and the Bohemian Utraquist Church. In these historical predecessors, the Old Catholic Church sees a spiritual continuity of the quest for, and finding of, forms of Catholicism and apostolicism faithful to the Holy Scripture and the ancient apostolic tradition of the ancient and undivided Church. Accordingly, the Old Catholic Church also uses its historical designation "Ecclesia catholica sub utraque Bohemiae".


Constitution of the Old Catholic Church in the Czech Republic


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